Just a Joke or Cyber Bullying?

So...just a question. I've seen this picture going around for a while now, and everyone who has shared it and commented on it finds it hilarious. Even my first reaction was to find it funny...for about a half second. My laugh faded off as soon as I remembered that this girl is a human being...not … Continue reading Just a Joke or Cyber Bullying?


There is only one thing that every single human being in the world has perfectly in common with all others, regardless of culture, gender, ethnicity, age, education level, disability, level of intelligence, or anything else that is unique to a particular individual. It also happens to be the most powerful force on the planet...capable of … Continue reading Belief

Awakening to African-American Reality of Police Brutality

I think it's awesome to see that more and more people of European descent are empathizing and feeling outraged by the racism against dark skinned people that they are being made aware of. Thanks to mobile technology and the internet, our fair skinned brothers and sisters can now perceive an aspect of reality that has … Continue reading Awakening to African-American Reality of Police Brutality

For the Love of Australia

For the Love of Australia... Yesterday, after posting the picture of enslaved Aborigines along with a description of what Australia Day represents to their present ancestors (Invasion Day), I experienced both an expected amount of resentful criticism, and a surprising amount of genuine appreciation. I'm grateful for both, especially the criticism, because it challenged me … Continue reading For the Love of Australia