Right For You…

When you're loved by a woman who's genuinely right for you, the empowerment you feel is unlike any other experience in the world. Ordinary moments become magical, every aspect of life becomes more chill, and the light she puts in your heart can be seen by everyone you encounter. This light reinforces your inner confidence … Continue reading Right For You…

Balance of Bliss

If you are very blessed or very lucky, you will one day encounter a person who is your perfect balance. You won't notice them in passing. You won't see them from a distance. You will not see them for the first time just casually walking by. When they come into your life, you will look … Continue reading Balance of Bliss


How could you so easily fit into the missing spaces of my personality...so easily massaging the ghost limbs that have long since been cut away? And just like an amputee, I often get misty sensations from nerve endings that are no longer wired up to the ole network. You are the great brown hope, with … Continue reading Untitled

Selfish Indiscretion

[Written in 2002 after discovering that I was in love with a girl who was already engaged] If I hadn`t been stealing time from whom it was entitled; thinking it was free to have, unaware I had a rival Maybe if sensations shared had not been shared with him, the way we sinned would be … Continue reading Selfish Indiscretion

Heartless Hero

[Inspired by the love I left behind in September of 2004, four days into my first deployment to Iraq as an Active Duty U.S. Marine] As far as I've come to this far off land From the world of concrete jungles to this world of sun and sand In preparation of this mission my mind … Continue reading Heartless Hero

Dream Girl

Poems have been written, wars have been waged, songs have been sung, and coups have been staged…all inspired by the passionate love for a woman.  It’s hard for me to imagine living in a world in which the only way to communicate with the person I love is face to face or through a hand written … Continue reading Dream Girl