I Am Not A Monster

I wish you could see me for who I am...a man who strives to conduct himself with honor, integrity, and respect with every choice that he makes. I wish you could perceive my heart and the principles that guide my every decision instead of the color of my skin and the history of what other men who look like me have done to exploit your trust and vulnerability...


There is only one thing that every single human being in the world has perfectly in common with all others, regardless of culture, gender, ethnicity, age, education level, disability, level of intelligence, or anything else that is unique to a particular individual. It also happens to be the most powerful force on the planet...capable of … Continue reading Belief

Defining Addiction

Addiction to anything is a gradual process...alcohol, shopping, video games, ecstasy, pornography, sleep, cocaine, sex, power, money, adrenaline...you name it. At it's most fundamental level, an addiction begins and perpetually thrives on the belief that there is no better way to escape the negative aspects of your life and no faster way to feel good … Continue reading Defining Addiction


Altering another person's perspective is very difficult when it is attached to their deeply held values or beliefs. While most intelligent people are aware of this reality, very few of them understand WHY it's so difficult.  It's generally viewed as a fact as elementary as the sky being blue. Yet, continuing with this analogy, most … Continue reading Perspective…

Love…A Unique Perspective

Loving someone is not a feeling/noun. Loving someone is an action/verb. I am literally loving another person when I give them my time, attention, affection, consideration, focus, effort, and sensitivity...regardless of how I feel about them. Love is not a magical emotion that is dependent on another person. Love is a conscious act of profound … Continue reading Love…A Unique Perspective