Crying Me A River

I rarely find a celebrity deserving of our attention, but just a few weeks ago, this particular celebrity had a powerful impact on a humanitarian issue that's close to my heart. If you happen to be a fan, I think you need to read this. If you aren't a fan, you'll appreciate it even more. … Continue reading Crying Me A River

Right For You…

When you're loved by a woman who's genuinely right for you, the empowerment you feel is unlike any other experience in the world. Ordinary moments become magical, every aspect of life becomes more chill, and the light she puts in your heart can be seen by everyone you encounter. This light reinforces your inner confidence … Continue reading Right For You…

For the Love of Australia

For the Love of Australia... Yesterday, after posting the picture of enslaved Aborigines along with a description of what Australia Day represents to their present ancestors (Invasion Day), I experienced both an expected amount of resentful criticism, and a surprising amount of genuine appreciation. I'm grateful for both, especially the criticism, because it challenged me … Continue reading For the Love of Australia

The Heart’s Truth

A man does, cannot say, "This woman is worthy of love, and therefore I will love her with all my heart." A man either loves a woman passionately or he does not. It is that simple. He has no say in the matter, and neither does she. Relationship titles, wedding rings, and wishes to … Continue reading The Heart’s Truth