Facing the Truth is a GOOD thing…It Only Hurts At First

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Feminism: Equality that Leaves Black Women Behind

So, alright…shout out to all of my white brothers and sisters. You know who you are and that I’ve got love for you individually. Forgive me in advance because there’s some very ugly business going on here that I need to address. While doing a research paper on the War on Drugs, and looking at … Continue reading

Protect Your Flame

Walk away from damaged people who are not conscious of the way that they influence the world around them. You do not have the power to save them, however noble your intentions may be. In your haste to end their suffering, there is a truth you often forget; only they can do the internal work … Continue reading


If you allow people to compromise your boundaries, don’t expect anyone to respect them. People will only respect your boundaries as much as you do. Without strict enforcement, your boundaries are nothing more than empty words. – M.J. Verdun

For the Love of Selfies

Dear Facebook friends, Today I’ve decided that I’m going to do my very small part to not support or reinforce the culturally accepted form of addiction, narcissistic obsession, and mental illness displayed on my social media newsfeeds daily. In plain words, I will no longer Like your selfies. You see, if you stop getting Likes … Continue reading

The Global Perception of African-American Culture

What do you know about African American culture? What have you consistently seen in regard to how it has been presented to you throughout your life? Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap music that largely promotes all of the negative behavior that is only carried out by the most ignorant and superficial of us? African American … Continue reading

Awakening to African-American Reality of Police Brutality

I think it’s awesome to see that more and more people of European descent are empathizing and feeling outraged by the racism against dark skinned people that they are being made aware of. Thanks to mobile technology and the internet, our fair skinned brothers and sisters can now perceive an aspect of reality that has … Continue reading

Arrest the Victim

A victim mentality invents victim reality. I was at first inclined to use the word “manifests” instead of “invents”, which is accurate, but the thought that this word inspires is too intangible…too disconnected from physical reality. I also thought of the word “creates”, but creation is too much of a conscious act to encompass the … Continue reading

An Epidemic of the Uninformed

There are ways to cure cancer, viral infections, spinal injuries, brain disorders, heal “permanent” disabilities, etc. Everyone has heard of the countless documented cases of people finding ways to fully and completely recover from illnesses and injuries that, according to modern medicine, were expected to kill them. Since these ways are REAL and proven to … Continue reading

Disqualified! Below the belt…

When having a disagreement or debate, the moment you go from challenging the person’s ideas to insulting the person herself, you reveal your ignorance, your lack of intelligence, and your arrogant refusal to acknowledge the possibility that, in spite of all of the reasons you believe that you’re right, you could be dead wrong. Being … Continue reading

Undisciplined Passion

Undisciplined passion is destructive to any campaign that is aimed at influencing others to adopt the perspective that you promote. Undisciplined passion inspires haste, righteousness, arrogance, and presumptive action. Regardless of how honorable or noble your ideas and intentions may be, these negative qualities are all that an audience perceives and these negative qualities automatically … Continue reading