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Feminism: Equality that Leaves Black Women Behind

So, alright…shout out to all of my white brothers and sisters. You know who you are and that I’ve got love for you individually. Forgive me in advance because there’s some very ugly business going on here that I need to address. While doing a research paper on the War on Drugs, and looking at … Continue reading

I Am Not A Monster

I wish you could see me for who I am…a man who strives to conduct himself with honor, integrity, and respect with every choice that he makes. I wish you could perceive my heart and the principles that guide my every decision instead of the color of my skin and the history of what other men who look like me have done to exploit your trust and vulnerability… Continue reading

You Are Worthy. You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough.

To All of My Australian Female Friends, I haven’t been on Facebook for a good 4 months, and I won’t be active for quite a while longer. I’m only writing this post now after becoming aware of a terrifying trend that my close friends have made me aware of recently…a trend that I’ve observed after … Continue reading

“Is having a strong ego a help or hindrance in life?”

Your ego is far more flexible than you likely know, and in a way you haven’t imagined. Continue reading

Protect Your Flame

Walk away from damaged people who are not conscious of the way that they influence the world around them. You do not have the power to save them, however noble your intentions may be. In your haste to end their suffering, there is a truth you often forget; only they can do the internal work … Continue reading

You and My

My soul is extraterrestrial. My body is French/Native American/African. My mind is North American. My philosophy is a blend of Ancient Greek/New Age/Ancient Chinese. My religion is Non-Judgment. My style and cultural heritage is African-American. My martial art is Chinese. My diet is Earth organic. My closest friends are individually Pakistani, Australian, African-American, Chinese, Moroccan, … Continue reading


“Devotion” I love this word more than any other…even more than the word love itself. Why? Because devotion is love in motion. Devotion is love, commitment, loyalty, faith, dedication, passion, perseverance, humility, and selflessness expressed proactively. Any act of your devotion is an event that has brought forth all of these qualities within you…an event … Continue reading

“I give you peace.” Live that. – m.j. verdun


If you allow people to compromise your boundaries, don’t expect anyone to respect them. People will only respect your boundaries as much as you do. Without strict enforcement, your boundaries are nothing more than empty words. – M.J. Verdun

For the Love of Selfies

Dear Facebook friends, Today I’ve decided that I’m going to do my very small part to not support or reinforce the culturally accepted form of addiction, narcissistic obsession, and mental illness displayed on my social media newsfeeds daily. In plain words, I will no longer Like your selfies. You see, if you stop getting Likes … Continue reading