Walk away from damaged people who are not conscious of the way that they influence the world around them. You do not have the power to save them, however noble your intentions may be. In your haste to end their suffering, there is a truth you often forget; only they can do the internal work that is needed for them to heal. It is not your place, nor your right, to deny them the pace of their own evolution, and the attempt will draw far more from you than what will ever benefit them. Their journey in this life is just that…their journey. Though love or blood or past events have brought you to know one another, we are not all here to walk or share the same lifelong path.

Take heed…unresolved damage has as much potential to influence as unreserved joy; both exude a gravitational force that will draw you close and gradually reattune your entire being. Through energetic attrition, the energy exuded by these unconscious poeple will wear you down. As the days go by, their unconscious behavior will damage you in the very ways that they are damaged themselves. This will lead you to a darker experience of life, to perspectives that diminish your joy, and reduce the fire of your ambition to little more than a candle in the wind.

Guard the flame of your passion. Protect it all times. It is what empowers your faith in yourself, nourishes your vitality, and lights your path through the darkness that leads to your dreams.

– M.J. Verdun

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