People have been asking when I’m going to write a post about the debate that’s raging around whether white supremacy legitimately exists in modern society. I’m going to have to disappoint you. I’m not going to write about that topic. I think it would be far more effective for you to see it for yourself.

Google the word “beauty”, click on images, and look at how the world’s largest database of information defines what “beauty” means to the billions of human beings who search for images that represent it. Don’t worry…I’ll wait. When you’ve gotten tired of unsuccessfully looking for something other than white aesthetics, think deeply about what this represents about our society. Out of all of the things on this planet that qualify for the term “beauty”…places, different races, landscapes, or art…what do you see as you’re scrolling through the image results? An endless collage of white women’s faces.

Coincidental? Intentional? I’m not going to tell you what to think. Think for yourself. I’m just showing you where to look. Yet there’s one thing I’ll share with you about white supremacy; this is how you can expect to experience it throughout the society you live in. You’re completely immersed in it wherever you go, but it’s just outside of your awareness until someone shows you exactly where to look. That’s why it’s a difficult topic to discuss. This is one of the very few blatantly clear visual representations of what this debate is all about, yet as blatant as this is, it’s just the surface of the issue. But after this post, I hope your eyes have shown you how important this issue truly is. Let’s keep the progress going, people.

– Michael Verdun

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