I’ve been away from Facebook for more than six months, and throughout that time I enjoyed more peace of mind and clarity than I have in years. Every post, connection, and conversation diffused my mental energy until my mind was fractured and splintered into hundreds of lines of focus at any given time. I’ve been politely avoiding everyone who’s been asking me when I’m coming back day after day, week after week. I’m honored by the requests and I want to help, but it took so much effort and focus to gather all of that energy back within my own being. I’m so reluctant to give it away again.

I have no idea if it will make any difference, but in light of what’s happening at this moment, I feel that I have to. I have to get this message out. I have to try to wake you up.

You’re being fooled. Fooled and distracted. With the atrocities of foreign wars, with the celebrity of gender-bending Caitlyn Jenner, with the widespread reports of U.S. police brutality, with the exaggerated Islamiphobia, with scandals involving “exposed” government officials, with the racist church shooting by Dylan Roof, with the racially divisive Confederate flag debate, with the granting of gay marriage rights in the U.S…you are being distracted. Are you so desensitized to epic drama in your news media that you don’t find anything suspicious about what you’re seeing trotted out before you like a circus on a conveyor belt?

One epic event after the next, after the next, after the next is being trotted out for your display, hitting your sense of order in the world with so many blows that all you can do is shake your head, choose an issue to shake your fist at, choose a side to debate and take a stance on, or just hide from the bombardment of drama that’s way too far above your head to wrap your mind around. And while all of this is happening…while you’re raging at an injustice you see in a report or video, or arguing about whether Caitlyn Jenner should be admired, or deciding if white supremacy is real, or celebrating/condemning the legalization of gay marriage…

You’re being distracted from paying attention to the greatest accumulation and theft of wealth and economic power in the entire history of mankind…the signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) by U.S. President Barack Obama. About a week ago, U.S. Congress passed a “Fast Track” bill that would allow Obama to have the TPP Agreement skip crucial steps in the legislative process. It had been voted down twice already, but this Fast Track bill allowed him to strong arm it into policy. You, your future, your sovereignty, your economic freedom, the freedom of all our children and grandchildren…all of it is being written and declared as property by what is now the largest government that has been in existence since our earliest history.

This Agreement covers 12 countries, more than 40% of the world’s economy, and will place North America, Australia, several countries in Asia, as well as South America under the same corporate government structure as the European Union. These enormous regions are now economically joined into a single group of transnational corporations and governed under a single government structure. Our governments don’t give a damn about who marries who, or whether racism is prevalent or not, or how brutal police are becoming. These are all tools of division and distraction. The power to control nations has always resided in resources and economics. While the world is distracted by all of this drama and spectacle, the powers that be are gathering 40% of the entire world’s wealth under one umbrella. To fight for your freedom you must be armed with KNOWLEDGE and understand this agenda as well as they do.

Look past the smokescreens that our governments are placing before us. If you see something sensational in one place, and it’s being broadcast by the media, AUTOMATICALLY analyze what the government is passing into law or policy ie. “Terror Laws” and “Patriot Acts”. Assume that if a major event is happening that causes debate or hysteria in the public, it is a method of distraction to prevent everyone from looking into what’s happening behind the scenes. In this case, it’s the biggest power grab in the history of our planet.

Do your own investigating. Stop focusing on rainbows and Confederate flags right now. That’s the past. This is the future. Look into the Trans Pacific Partnership and see what it has in store for you. This is the real Game of Thrones. The fates of our nations aren’t decided by dueling knights or armies across battlefields. They’re decided by the billions of minds our rulers seek to control. In other words, by you.

– Michael Verdun

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