Dear Facebook friends,

Today I’ve decided that I’m going to do my very small part to not support or reinforce the culturally accepted form of addiction, narcissistic obsession, and mental illness displayed on my social media newsfeeds daily. In plain words, I will no longer Like your selfies.

You see, if you stop getting Likes on the pictures that focus on your superficial obsession with looks and clothes, you’ll quickly stop posting them. It will force you to (hopefully) post photos of things with more depth and substance in order for you to get your next dose of validation (Likes).

Imagine if all of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers were to take this stance against your narcissistic addiction to taking selfies by not Liking any of them, and only Liking your posts that have joy, adventure, depth, fun times, intelligence, or art in them. Just think of how quickly the flood of your selfie posts would dry up! After all, you wouldn’t continue posting selfies if no one Liked or complimented you on them. Sure, you may go through a brief depression due to the withdrawals from your addiction to superficial validation, but it will force you to get your personal validation elsewhere. Hopefully, you’ll learn to find it within yourself.

I know you can beat this thing. I believe in you. Every journey begins with the first step. Just say no to the camera, one selfie craving at a time. You’ll be well on the road to recovery and to inspiring authentic admiration in no time.

Yours Truly,

Michael ❤

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