Capitalism is religion

Millions of people believe that one religion or another prevents or destroys a person’s ability to thrive and live a fulfilling life. Some of these same people believe that Muslim “extremists” in particular are working to have their religion dominate the world, or that religion in general causes the most conflict and suffering on our planet. They are absolutely correct in a way that they are unaware, yet they are blind to their own hypocrisy. As they are walking around in their daily life convinced that a particular religion is the greatest hindrance to human progress, they are unaware of the damage that THEIR religion has already done and continues to do…a religion that has dominated, enslaved, and is now destroying the world. They are oblivious to how the religion that they worship, along with billions of their fellow worshippers, has always been the greatest threat to human progress and the greatest cause of worldwide suffering that has ever existed.

Capitalism is the most destructive religion that the world has ever known. All living beings that live within its sphere of influence, whether human, animal, or insect, bow down to its power and might. This is the belief system that inspires its billions of devout worshippers around the world to commit acts of evil against themselves and other living beings, to destroy the living environment in pursuit of its currency, to subject themselves to all kinds of oppressive and self destructive experiences to grow strong in it, and to literally sell their soul just to advance within it or survive.

If you want to look the devil in the eye, look no further than the bank around the corner. We’re never far from this powerful representative of capitalism’s evil spirit. After all, we carry its cards in our wallets and purses wherever we go. Banks wield more power over human life than any other institution on Earth. What would happen to any person, corporation, or government that could no longer access their bank accounts?

If you want to see the power and influence of the God of Money, just look around you. Watch what people around the world are doing in its name. Look at the destruction and exploitation carried out by corporations in the interest of capitalist profit. Look at the way that governments are cutting back funding on programs that are most beneficial to the people it governs, and the way that governments are waging war in the pursuit of control over commodities. Like all devout worshippers of any religion, all of our decisions are most influenced by whether it will help or harm our financial position. Do we not submit to the slavery of submitting to work to receive its “blessings” (money) even against our desires and best interests? Would we not lose our freedom, home, or comfort if we did not pay homage through taxes, bills, and fees? Would we not be cast down to the hell of poverty if we refused to worship through our submission to working a job to earn money? If we refused to worship, would we not be looked down upon, ridiculed, and denied access to our most basic physical and emotional needs?

If this is a fresh idea for you, think of the worst things you have ever done to yourself or to another living being. Was it inspired by the pursuit of more money or to prevent the loss of it? Was it due to being more devoted to the God of Money than to the well being of yourself or a loved one? How many times have you not helped a person in need because it would weaken your financial position and put you at risk of going to economic hell? How many times have you not done something that would have helped yourself or someone you love because you needed to go to worship (work)? How many times have you walked or driven by someone in need while on your way to worship? How many times have you not spoken up for yourself in the face of being abused or mistreated at work because you feared the damnation of economic hellfire that is destined for the financially poor and unemployed? How many opportunities to advance yourself have been denied to you because you did not have enough money to pursue them, or because you were locked into sacrificing your human labor at a particular altar of worship (job)? How many times have you felt embarrassment or shame for being exposed as someone who is less devoted than others who are truly devout (having much less money than people who are wealthy)? How many times have you lived in fear of such exposure in the eyes of another human being…your partner, your family, your colleagues, or your friends?

Are humans not most humble, grateful, and generous when we have very little money? Are humans not most arrogant, ungrateful, and selfish when we have a lot of it? Yet billions of people still dream of having a lot of money. Look at how it corrupts our mind and soul.

THIS is the most dominant religion in the world, ladies and gentlemen, with more followers than any other. Recognize your unconscious devotion to this deity. Be conscious of how often you think about and “pray” to the God of Money for it to rain, how happy you have been when it has blessed you, and how miserable you tend to be when you go too long without its good graces.

Money is the most powerful God in the modern world, and Capitalism is its religion.

– Michael Verdun

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