There is only one thing that every single human being in the world has perfectly in common with all others, regardless of culture, gender, ethnicity, age, education level, disability, level of intelligence, or anything else that is unique to a particular individual. It also happens to be the most powerful force on the planet…capable of changing physical and metaphysical reality in an instant.

Collectively, it has the power to turn an individual into a celebrity, and a celebrity into nothing…to create and destroy nations in an instant…to drive billions to seek individual power or to empower anyone but themselves. It is the single most valuable and essential power that any ruler or religion seeks to possess and control, for without control of it, neither ruler nor religion has any power at all. It is what drives every single human action or endeavor around the world, second by second, no matter the instance or the scenario.

The desire to influence and control this supreme power is the motivation behind all religious doctrine, institutional education, corporate marketing, political rhetoric, and cultural ideology worldwide with zero exceptions. And this power is possessed by every individual human being on Earth. It is the one and only human power that can never be lost or taken by force. It can only be voluntarily given away.

The power that I speak of is the power to choose what to believe.

Every single decision that you make, and every action that you take, is a reflection of what you believe is true, is possible, is admirable, is respectable, is acceptable, is necessary, is needed, or is worthwhile.
There are zero exceptions to this, whether it’s a native aboriginal living in a South American rain forest untouched by the modern world, the commanding General of a military force fighting in the Middle East, a child deciding which crayon they want to use to color a picture in a coloring book, an entirely uneducated woman living in an oppressive patriarchal society, or a person deciding whether they will go into work or take the day off.

What you believe determines your actions, so if anyone wants to control your actions, they must control what you believe. Yet they can only have control over what you believe if you CHOOSE to believe what they have told you about yourself and about the world. You have the power to choose what to believe at any time. If your belief aligns with another person’s, the target of your dual belief receives your power, your support, and your defense. With every person that aligns with that belief, the target of that belief becomes exponentially more powerful. This is the foundation of the power of human consciousness. This is the only reason why anything or anyone that presently wields great power over humanity continues to have it. It is entirely dependent on the collective choice, moment by moment and day after day, of millions or billions of people to BELIEVE in its power. The second that all of its believers no longer believe, its power will vanish.

We seek to believe only in what is truth, when the reality is that what we choose to believe BECOMES our truth. The moment that all human beings decide to believe that money has no value, or that the borders of nations do not exist, that everyone is entitled to respect, liberty, and a right to receive food, clean water, shelter, and opportunities to advance, it will all be so. The moment that we no longer believe that anyone else has the power to choose how we live and what we do, they will no longer have that power from that moment onward.

Collectively and individually, we have the power to shape the world in a way that is beneficial to all. All we have to do is take sovereign control over the most powerful force on Earth…the power to choose what we believe.

– Michael Verdun

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