Words As

When a word is spoken or written, it is an act of creation. To speak or write is to invoke the innate power to share subjective thoughts and experiences with another being, and to initiate the process by which humans manifest their metaphysical thoughts in the material world. Until a thought is expressed through a written or spoken word, that thought exists only in metaphysical form. Until a thought is expressed, it is nothing more than an electromagnetic wave, vibrating at a unique frequency, and un its potential to share energy with its environment. that becomes part of the tangible world the moment you write or speak it. Think about it. You must breathe and shape your vocal cords to vibrate the air, and form your tongue and lips to shape the vibrating air into sounds that leave your mouth…into words. Without physically vibrating the air, there are no words to be heard. Without physically writing or typing, there are no words to be read. So your words are physical entities…each of them unique and one of a kind since you will never express them in that exact combination your body’s strength, alignment of thought, emotional mood, intensity of expression, and the context in which they were presented.

They are powerful enough to influence the life force of every living thing that the vibration of air reaches…every plant, every animal, and every person…especially you. They are powerful enough to instantly direct the thoughts and influence the emotional state of you and every person around you against their will, even if just for a moment. They are even more powerful than a musical melody since the perception is shaped instantly vs an experience that develops over time. In a fraction of a second, they impact and influence people’s experience of their world.

That is the power of every word that you speak or write. So, think about the nature and intention behind every word that you bring forth with no exception. Think about whether you want to use the power of your words to inspire and uplift everyone it touches, or to create vibrations that damage as much as the winds of a hurricane that leave nothing but destruction in their wake.

– Michael Verdun

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