I rarely find a celebrity deserving of our attention, but just a few weeks ago, this particular celebrity had a powerful impact on a humanitarian issue that’s close to my heart. If you happen to be a fan, I think you need to read this. If you aren’t a fan, you’ll appreciate it even more.

Joan Rivers…American celebrity, actor, comedian, writer, producer, and television host. From a perspective of professional accomplishment, what Joan Rivers achieved during her 81 years on this planet is most worthy of respect. She climbed her way to the heights of societal success in spite of the many challenges and personal tragedies she had to overcome throughout her career. She made a lot of people laugh with her dry humor and sarcastic wit, and she sometimes inspired people with words of rare wisdom. That’s why her passing from this Earth is experienced by many people as a great loss and sad event. Her passing away is mourned by her fans through posting elegant pictures of her with captions and quotes of inspiring and loving words. 

As a writer and public speaker, I understand the level of skill that’s necessary to have that kind of impact on an audience. To consistently create a moving experience for a crowd, an actor, comedian, creative writer, producer, and television host must have complete mastery of social psychology, verbal communication, written communication, body language, comedic timing, and a solid understanding of cultural history and cultural relations within their society. Nothing is casually done by them, no matter how easy they make it look. They’re aware that every choice of word and the way they string them together has a powerful impact on the way that people will feel upon hearing them. It’s this knowledge that allows a performer to predict the emotional experience of their words and develop the structure and flow of experience for an entire performance. Joan Rivers lasted 50 years in the most competitive entertainment industry in the world, so she certainly had a mastery over these skills that allowed her to enjoy a long and successful career. It is with this understanding in mind that I invite the fans of Joan Rivers; those who perceive and describe her as having been a wonderful human being, to explain how it’s even remotely possible to perceive her that way after she did the following…

Approximately a month ago, Joan Rivers used her 60 years of accumulated professional experience, skill, knowledge, and social influence to publicly declare that all of the innocent men, women, and children of Palestine deserve to die. According to her own words, because they were too stupid to leave their land, they deserve it. And any of them who had died already deserved it. That would include more than 600 children who have been killed. When this was pointed out to her, she did not care. She had zero remorse and defended her words. She didn’t say that their violent government deserves to die like most other people who blame Palestine for the conflict. Joan Rivers specifically endorsed the murder of the millions of innocent people because, in her opinion, they were stupid enough to vote for their government in the first place, so they deserved to die. And she did not care who it hurt or offended to do so.

I’ve asked a few fans of Joan Rivers how they can continue perceiving her as a wonderful person in light of her condemning innocent people to death. Most of their responses are so frustratingly ignorant and disconnected from reality that it burns me on the inside. It’s usually something like, “Well I don’t approve of some of the comments she has made, but I’m not going to let one inappropriate comment represent her whole character. I still love her. I don’t judge.” Inappropriate? How noble of you to show so much tolerance and understanding for such hateful and genocidal words. It’s so inspiring that it makes me look forward to meeting the next person who calls me a nigger so I can hug them and say, “I still think you’re a wonderful person.”  Joan Rivers is well known for making extremely offensive jokes and comments, but it’s one thing to tease someone about their weight, or their fashion style, or some other superficial detail. It’s quite another thing to use the power of your influence to condemn millions of innocent people to death. Since she knew the extent of her influence, she knew that her words would reach the Palestinian people and anyone who loves or supports them.

Imagine what it would feel like for a Palestinian person to turn on their TV or see a web article that announces that an international celebrity said that all of their people…not just their government that the person may or may not agree with…ALL of their people deserve to die, innocent or not. Can you imagine how a mother who has had children killed in the conflict would feel when she heard or saw that? A husband who lost his wife? A sister who lost her brother? Or how about the people who are now the sole surviving member of their entire family after all 30+ members were killed? How about all of the Muslims around the world who have family or friends living in Palestine, or who personally knew people killed during the conflict? What about the Palestinian Americans who have family and friends back home? Joan Rivers absolutely did not care. She endorsed the killing of an entire race. Does that make her racist? Well, if being racist is a reflection of having a murderous bias against all people who share a particular ethnic background, then yes…I’d say that she probably qualifies for the description of ‘violent racist’.

In light of how Joan Rivers intentionally and maliciously wounded the soul of an entire nation, spread a gospel of hatred against all of its people, and did not care one bit about the impact her words had, I want fans of Joan Rivers to tell me…how in the world can you perceive her as having been a wonderful person? It’s not about political opinion. Her statement would have been political if it had been directed at the country’s government. She wants the entire race wiped off the face of the Earth. Imagine a celebrity saying that all innocent Americans or Australians need to die because they voted for their current government that’s participating in unjust warfare. Would you still think they’re a wonderful person? According to your logic applied to Joan Rivers, you would if they used to make you laugh.  Her statements regarding Palestine are not adequately described as just another “offensive” comment that she’s known to make. It doesn’t go in the same bag as her insensitive jokes. She wasn’t trying to be funny. She was intentionally insulting, disrespectful, and murderous toward millions of people who are already suffering greatly. Joan Rivers died being despised by the tens of millions of Arabs who had been as negatively affected by her words as she had intended. In my opinion, a person who intentionally makes that kind of negative impact on humanity does not deserve to be described as having been a wonderful person.

For anyone who’s inclined to say, “Let it go. She’s dead.” You can take that lame defense somewhere else, since the impact of her words continues to live on. Life is consciousness of spirit, not just a physical body, so unfortunately that venomous troll lives on. Imagine all of the energy of all that hatred and pain that she inspired in millions of minds and hearts around the world when she proudly stated that all Palestinians deserve to die. At this very moment, millions of Arabs around the world are making and sharing memes that mock her, express hatred toward her, and celebrate her death. That’s the karmic energy that followed her into the afterlife and the energy she left here in the world of the living.

Hitler was a wonderful person from what I’ve read…as long as they were members of the race that he preferred. He was also remembered as being very inspiring and wise by many German people. And from a professional perspective, he accomplished many great things worthy of respect as the leader of the German nation. He was a brilliant economist and his oratory skills established him as one of the greatest public speakers of all time. So it appears to me that he and Joan Rivers were cut from the same sociopathic cloth. The only major difference is that Hitler was in a position of political authority to ensure his genocidal dreams came true. They both wanted an entire group of millions of people who shared a particular ethnic identity to die, they both used their influence to promote and support the political organization that carried it out, and the purpose of both organizations wiping out a race of people was to establish a political state that was ethnically pure. For Hitler, it was the Nazi Party of Germany. For Joan Rivers, it was the Zionist Movement of Israel. So if you’re posting pictures and statuses in honor of Joan Rivers, you may as well post a swastika with a “Hail Hitler!” for him too.

– Michael Verdun

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