The people who run this world are devoted to telling you WHAT to think, but the last thing they want is for you to understand HOW to skillfully think. This distinction between the way they direct society to shape our minds is literally making all the difference in the world.

Until very recently, I believed that society is in need of a revolution. I was wrong. An attempted revolution is the last thing that we need, as it would scare a government into using aggressive methods of population control. Fear is not the way. And even if a revolution were successful, it would only result in the old government leaders being replaced by a new set of government leaders…but still operating within the same model of society that revolves around the same central government structure. You see, the word “revolution” represents a repetitive cycle of circular motion that “revolves” around a single, unchanging point, with no beginning or ending, and no transition to anything new. Think of the seasons of weather on our planet; their repetitive cycle of change is aligned to the Earth’s annual revolution around the sun.

When a revolution within a given society is carried out, everything within a society that revolves around its axis (central government) would potentially be swept up and changed. But the axis…the fundamental structure of central government, would remain unchanged. And it is this structure itself that has always, over time, produced the same societal issues that all societies based on that structure have historically faced…growing poverty, racism, wealth inequality, unequal access to adequate healthcare, unequal protection under the law, political corruption, financial corruption. A revolution would certainly be a dramatic and possibly violent event that would appear to lead to lasting change, and it would basically reset the entire government structure back to its raw form, but it would be destined to eventually rotate back to the same state that society was in before the last revolution. That is revolution in a nutshell…dramatic, yet temporary societal change that appears to be progressive for the generation that experiences it, but a few generations later the revolution fades to a story. And those changes gradually cycle back to the condition prior to the change without anyone knowing it unless they were keeping track of the trend of government policy changes, and they referenced the changes against what the social policies were like before the last revolution began. Very few people realize that the historical revolutions of societal change are actually cycling around the same fundamental structure that societies were based on thousands of years ago.

This is why politicians never make changes to the fundamental structure of central government. After all, since their socioeconomic class is at the top of the structure, there’s no room to change “up”. When you’re at the top of a hierarchal structure, any change at all would have to go in the direction of “down”. As a result, they would have less control and authority over some fundamental aspect of society or another. This makes sense of why any time a government leader changed the fundamental structure of their society in a way that reduced the amount of control or authority of the uppermost group in the structure, or even started developing plans to make those kinds of changes, that leader was taken out. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are the first names that spring to mind. All of the national leaders that the U.S. has targeted for removal…yep, same motive. The socioeconomic elite class of the world will not tolerate any kind of change to their authority and control that isn’t expansive in nature.

The nature of revolution also explains why we are currently experiencing virtually all of the issues that societies faced thousands of years ago. We have the same structure of society that they did…a hierarchal system of socioeconomic class that unequally grants privileges, legal protection, and opportunities for advancement based on paternal lineage, material wealth, ethnic background, gender, religious affiliation, political affiliation, geographic residence, citizenship status, and military proficiency. The most socially powerful institutions in ancient societies were the royal family (ruling class), the merchant class, religious clerics/priests, and the military. Presently we have the political/banking elite (ruling class), the corporate elite (merchant class), the religious institution of church/mosque/etc, and the military. Do you see much difference in our societies today? As you can see, the same system will consistently produce the same results, but since the cycles of revolutionary change occur every few generations at the earliest, it’s difficult to see that the major historical changes within a society are actually repetitive in theme and final result.

Revolutionary thinking, by literal definition, is the process of thinking in a way that starts out with dramatic change from a previous norm, but inevitably revolves around the same conceptual theme. This is why many well-meaning people come up with “revolutionary” solutions that appear fresh, and therefore destined to create something new, but these solutions are still based on the same fundamental structure that produced the problems to begin with. And since their solutions are referenced against the same structure, all of their solutions lead to them believing that what’s needed is to reorganize or redistribute what the structure currently allows or produces. They don’t see that reorganizing or redistributing what the system produces amounts to nothing more than giving out the same unfulfilling jobs, fraudulent money, poisonous food, overpriced clothes, protection under unjust laws, unneeded gadgets, toxic medication, profit-based healthcare, corrupt education, or some other well intended, but misguided cause that distracts them from innovating the changes that would truly improve our world. There is already an abundance of all these things, as unequally distributed as they may be. Changing the way that the system distributes crap, even if the crap is distributed equally, still results in the distribution of crap. The age of the revolution is at its end.

What we actually need is an evolution…an evolution of society that is innovated and redesigned by a world filled with highly analytical minds. And the practical first step toward conscious evolution that will produce a world of highly analytical minds is to focus on the development of every person’s mental ability to think logically and and analyze critically. That is the crucial skill that all other learning, brainstorming, and decision making will develop from. If Critical Thinking were a progressive course of study that was mandatory within all curriculum around the world from Kindergarten through High School graduation, imagine how different our world would be. Would we still have this corrupt financial system, this destructive economic system, these sociopathic corporations, these self serving governments, this worldwide network of dishonest media, these wars based on political illusions, or these tribal-minded groups of millions who follow religious ideologies based on what the world was like thousands of years ago?

How long would the illusions of hierarchal authority, ideological division, inherited entitlement, national identity, religious superiority, ethnic inferiority, economic scarcity, or materialistic ownership last in the minds of a generation that has been taught how to critically analyze information from a young age? Would these illusions even be entertained or considered long enough for an entire society to be built based on them? Would a generation of minds taught how to effectively analyze everything in the world around them passively accept life in a world that operates like this?

Would they make decisions that are even remotely similar to the decisions that most people make now? Would they believe anything that most people now do? Would they ever discriminate against or righteously judge another living being on the basis of anything besides a standard of honor and integrity? Would they accept the current system of education that prepares them for a life of indentured servitude, working a job to earn a wage within a financial system that enslaves them through debt? Would being sexy, popular, or financially rich be what they aspire to more than anything else? Would they admire celebrity figures who contribute nothing beneficial to their life? Would they take and share hundreds or thousands of pictures of themselves wearing revealing clothing for the sake getting attention? Would they join a military force and believe the propaganda that justifies violence against others? And would they do all of this while being aware that there are billions of people around the world who are suffering and dying because of the very same system that provides the privileges that they enjoy? Would a generation of highly developed minds be so willfully ignorant and narcissistic?

I believe that they won’t, and they wouldn’t. I believe that they would be the solution to the collective insanity of modern human society, and that they would innovate the changes to society that our planet would benefit from most. They would collaborate instead of compete. They would depend on logic instead of faith. They would trust their intuition instead of their emotions. They would disregard lies and honor truth. They would resolve conflict with diplomacy instead of violence. They would investigate instead of assume. And they would be aware of their individual and collective power to create a sustainable global society that provides peace, abundance, liberty, equality, and justice for every living being on the planet.

Educating a generation of people to think critically will lead to the solutions for virtually every challenge we face on this planet, and the rapid elimination of every political, financial, and economic system that endures purely because the vast majority of people who live within them do not possess the skill to critically analyze information that they are presented with. These systems continue only because most people are unable to assess information and quickly see how it’s connected with or related to everything in the world around them, to identify when new information is logically inconsistent or downright false, or to make the most logical decisions based on the options available to them. Most important of all, they’re unable to analyze their own behavior and beliefs to identify the source of where they come from, and they’re too emotionally attached to their beliefs to acknowledge when these beliefs are inaccurate or downright wrong.

The world doesn’t need more “answers” or “solutions” from the current ruling class, as they are only interested in maintaining their own supremacy and the system that makes it possible. All of the “solutions” they come up with are basically answers to the wrong questions, which eventually lead back to questions about their wrong answers. Even the prospect of a worldwide ceasefire of conflict or boycotting the current financial system wouldn’t produce lasting results, as that would not change the mindset, values, and beliefs of the people who participated in those conflicts and systems in the first place. What the world needs most of all, and what would become a rock solid foundation for developing lasting solutions that benefit us all for generations to come, is the worldwide focus on learning and mastering Critical Thinking skills.

Everything that currently exists within our societies would automatically be reanalyzed, discussed, debated, optimized, and redefined by every person in the world who has the intellectual capacity to contribute to the process. Every system of belief or ideology would naturally be analyzed by billions of highly critical minds. And this process of analysis and discussion would not break down as it often does today, since it would not be dominated by religious, political, or cultural bias. After all, Critical Thinking skills allow a person to identify bias on the spot, so objectivity would be a standard that could be realistically maintained.

Think about what this means…voting would actually make a difference! And the result of a vote would actually be the reflection of what every member of society believes is best for them based on a well informed perspective. There would be no more blind voting by ignorant people who don’t know what they’re voting for or why they’re voting in the first place. And there would be no more voting for societal leaders who are clearly not ideal for their position. The evolution of every aspect of society would be inevitable and unstoppable, and the current corrupt systems that govern our societies would only exist on pages that describe a dark chapter of humanity’s past.

– Michael Verdun

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