When you’re loved by a woman who’s genuinely right for you, the empowerment you feel is unlike any other experience in the world. Ordinary moments become magical, every aspect of life becomes more chill, and the light she puts in your heart can be seen by everyone you encounter. This light reinforces your inner confidence and acts as a shield against the darkness of insecurity and doubt. And this phenomenon occurs as a natural product of her mere presence.

When you have a woman your life who deeply inspires your admiration and respect, and that woman shows you that you are the man she has found worthy of her loyalty and devotion above all others, anyone else’s opinion about you amounts to little more than pigeon chatter. You’ll no longer feel the need to protect your alpha status, to defend your masculinity, to rise to every challenger, or to give so much power to the fear of “losing face”. As a direct result of her devout confidence in you, your confidence soars, your flight to success stays on course, and progressive achievements become a part of your daily routine.

If you find yourself wondering if the woman you adore is right for you, the answer to that is as clear as knowing whether or not she is the rock in your life. And you know the truth of that even as you consider the thought. Have no leniency and make no exceptions, champ. Only give your heart to a woman who would move a mountain if it stood in your way.

– M.J. Verdun

Empowered man

One thought on “Right For You…

  1. Michael, thank you so much for sharing your love, light & experiences.
    So inspiring, so beautiful, you are a blessing.
    Thank you!


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