There are many people close enough to you to notice a lot of what you do. Some of them will approve of a choice you make, while another group of them will judge you for it. The group of people who approved of your first choice may judge you for the next one, while the second group thinks this new decision is just fine. You can spend your whole life trying to win people’s approval, and on trying to avoid the hurtful feelings that come from being judged by the people whose acceptance and approval matters the most. But damn that’s exhausting…and you’ll never maintain a perfect image in each individual’s eyes. 

In light of that truth, it only makes sense to do what you want to anyway. You may as well enjoy the freedom and empowerment of living your own life and being yourself. If you do that, most individuals will approve of only a portion of the choices that you make or things that you do, but whether they want to or not, they’ll respect you for being true to yourself. 
Moral of the story: let go of worrying about what people will think…and do you.

– Michael Verdun

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