It is well known that every journey begins with the first step. In fact, it’s so well known that it’s a modern cliché. Most of the journeys we take are little more than daily routines. Occasionally there are journeys that rock our world a bit and wake us up to what life is truly about. Then there are the journeys that are so exceptional and so unprecedented that each step we take along them carries us through uncharted territories and destinations unknown. The obstacles and challenges, failures and triumphs, the joys and sorrows are all so intense that they transform us into someone far greater or far lesser than who we were when the journey began. These experiences are unique to most people, but common to the rare individuals who dare to live their life on the edge of their comfort zone, always aspiring to one great vision or another.

I believe that each person that is a part of this project’s ownership or management team has been driven by a personal vision of greatness and a long-term dedication to it. Their personal journey has led them through many experiences that you would never imagine them having just by looking at them. When you look around you, all of those personal journeys led them to one another…and also led them here. Divine intervention, pure luck and chance, the guiding hands of Fate, or a force that goes beyond conventional description …whatever your personal beliefs may be, one has to admit that this demands a greater explanation than mere coincidence.

If one considers the implications…for any individual to have had their life journey lead to this place on Earth, at this time, and for this very unique purpose cannot have arrived here by accident. They had to have been recognized by another kindred spirit who is connected to this group and whose vision of greatness within the hospitality and nightlife industry mirrors their own. And one does not become the kind of individual who would be drawn to this project by chance. We have all become who we are through our individual effort and dedicated alignment to the principles of honor, integrity, loyalty, respect, humility, gratitude, perseverance, determination, excellence, and a devout faith in the concept of greatness.

When you look at it this way, this is an exceptional group of people, indeed. We’re all dreamers in our own way. I can only speculate and imagine the journey what it took for the ownership of Utopia Group and it’s Board of Directors to bring such an incredible project to life and bring their unified dream into tangible reality, but what I do know is that everyone that is in attendance here in Dubai this weekend has been drawn here by the power of their vision…a vision of nightlife grandeur.


By: Michael Verdun


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