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Mental Swordplay

Reading and writing is to the mind what a whetstone is to the sword. Debate is the swordplay of the mind. These are the most effective tools that assist a human being with evolving from the clumsiness of an undeveloped mind to an intellectual master wielding dancing blades of steel. Read, write, debate, THINK. Develop … Continue reading

Do You

There are many people close enough to you to notice a lot of what you do. Some of them will approve of a choice you make, while another group of them will judge you for it. The group of people who approved of your first choice may judge you for the next one, while the … Continue reading

A vision of Nightlife Grandeur…

  It is well known that every journey begins with the first step. In fact, it’s so well known that it’s a modern cliché. Most of the journeys we take are little more than daily routines. Occasionally there are journeys that rock our world a bit and wake us up to what life is truly … Continue reading

When you have t…

When you have the opportunity to be a part of a grand endeavor that will demand all of the greatness that is within you, let nothing in this world stand in the way of you embracing it with both hands. – Michael Verdun