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Life as a Life Coach

Today I have decided to focus on my life’s work with more time and dedication than I ever have. Since the moment I could speak, I felt fulfilled by making people feel special. The very first words I ever spoke were not “Mama” or “Papa”. They were “thank you”. Maybe that’s why I am always inclined to thank someone for the slightest gesture or thoughtful act. Or perhaps it’s the vivid memory of craving these acts and gestures for so many years, and receiving none at all. I believe that is why I’m so thankful…thankful of you for believing in my talent and ability so much that I can’t help but believe in it as well.

I come from incredibly rough beginnings, though that’s not exceptional at all in the city of Oakland, California. By the time I was four years old, I had witnessed men murdered on the sidewalk, seen women raped in alleys, watched my mother overdose, and had been abandoned by my parents to a childhood of abusive foster care. Through one ghetto after the next, with a few safe homes in between, the streets of the Bay Area, California, was where I learned that weakness was fatal and ruthlessness was a way of life. I was destined for a short life of violent crime or a long lifetime in prison.

I did indeed live that life growing up. It was all I knew. Yet I eventually escaped with the assistance of divinity, a lot of grinding to educate myself, and a passionate desire to achieve more than what I had been written off to become. Since then I’ve achieved, experienced, and accomplished more than I had ever dreamed of. I am living proof that anything is possible no matter how impossible it appears to be. I believe that there was a purpose for my beginnings, and for every bit of loss, pain, and devastation I’ve endured along the way. That purpose is to assist others to find their way from their personal darkness to their personal light. That is why I have decided to become a Life Coach.

I do not aspire to be an example of perfection, as I am not perfect. I am just as flawed as anyone else. Yet my experiences, hardships, and triumphs in spite of it all has bestowed a very unique clarity and understanding of life that many people who have come to know me have benefited from. And that is what I would like to do with my life full time. I want to make a living and a life of inspiring and empowering others through my voice and written words. I hope that I will have the opportunity to inspire and empower you.

– Michael Verdun

About Michael Verdun

My soul is extraterrestrial. My body is French/Native American/African. My mind is North American. My philosophy is a blend of Ancient Greek/New Age/Ancient Chinese. My religion is Non-Judgment. My style and cultural heritage is African-American. My martial art is Chinese. My diet is Earth organic. My closest friends are individually Pakistani, Australian, African-American, Chinese, Moroccan, Iranian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Lebanese, and Indonesian...respectively. My purpose is to love, to inspire, to empower, and to evolve. I am human. ...and so are you.


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