If you are very blessed or very lucky, you will one day encounter a person who is your perfect balance. You won’t notice them in passing. You won’t see them from a distance. You will not see them for the first time just casually walking by. When they come into your life, you will look up and somehow they will already be there before you, eyes waiting to meet yours. And when that moment occurs, when your eyes connect…everything else in the world will fade to a distant hum, time will no longer exist, and your spirit will alight. You will know that when they look at you, they are seeing into you and you into them. You are gazing at one another through the eyes of your spirits and knowing all there is to know about the essence of who you are. It will make absolutely no sense to your mind, for your spirit has attuned your consciousness to a place where your mind cannot follow. And from that moment on, your entire being will be focused on them even when you aren’t close. Each time your eyes meet from then on, your eyes will express this awareness, reflect the light of your joy, and reveal the dancing of your spirit to the melody of their very existence.

– Michael Verdun


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