Faith [feyth]: the belief in the existence of any given thing that an individual’s senses are not able to confirm as being in their immediate physical environment


Imagine a world in which the only things that exist are the things that people believe exist. Absolutely nothing exists outside of what at least one human being believes is real, from nature to paper to love to technology. In this world, a human being’s belief has the power to elevate anyone or anything. If one wanted to harness this power, one would have to learn how to influence what a human being believes in…

With each person who directs their belief at a single concept, object, or person, the power granted grows exponentially. It becomes creative energy. And what happens when a person experiences creative energy? They enter a creative state of mind and start getting creative ideas. Before we move on, let’s examine that word. CREATIVE. CREATE. In a creative state of mind you are CREATING a new idea, a new method, a new plan, a new system…something that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST YET. You are literally creating a new way out of NOTHING but the thoughts in your mind. That’s how powerful we are! Human beings have literally created everything with the power of their collective mental focus…possibly even the planet itself back in the beginning. Where did it all begin and who did it? I have no idea. What I do know is that, in this world, every human being has the power to manifest literally anything it wants by directing its thoughts and faith in what it believes is possible. The only limitations are the limits of their imagination and the amount of focus they are able to summon. Imagine a world like that. Imagine it and explore it because that’s the world you live in now.

It is scientifically proven that human thought literally and physically affects the world. Beliefs are nothing more than a organized and logical system of thoughts that make sense of the world around us. And religion is nothing more than a huge network of beliefs that tie into each other. Religion was created by people who understand the power that our belief has over creation. Religion was created to harness the power of human belief. Millions of people worldwide are duped into channeling the enormous power they have over creation into a man-made ideology. And it’s real. Religion is real, God is real, Jesus is real, Allah is real, Buddah is real, Shiva is real, Isis is real, Osiris is real…BUT ONLY BECAUSE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BELIEVE IT AND HAVE BELIEVED IT FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. The focus of millions of believers created it and brought it into physical reality. The power to manifest and create is OURS. Each person on the planet takes place in reinforcing the world, adding to it, or destroying it. But most are oblivious to this power and they’re afraid to believe it. We are powerful beyond measure, even more so when we unite and direct our faith to a common mental image. YOUR BELIEF IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND PRECIOUS RESOURCE YOU HAVE AND NO ONE CAN TAKE IT FROM YOU. Religion isn’t fighting for your soul. Religion is competing for the creative power of your belief.

According to Ancient Greek Mythology, the gods on Mount Olympus created man solely to serve as worshipers. The prayers of humanity and the belief in the gods’ supreme power is what GAVE the gods their powers.  Greek Mythology was incredibly close to the truth. Those “gods” were actually a group of people who had somehow discovered the truth about the power of human belief. They created a belief system that had people believing that they, the “gods”, were the creators of everything. It was a blatant, but very effective lie. They convinced enough people to chant, pray, meditate, sing, and perform religious sacrifices until the collective beliefs literally gave them god-like powers. The reason why these superhumans no longer exist is because they were overthrown and killed and no one believed in them anymore. They were replaced by another deity or “god”, which became the new target of a large group of people’s empowering beliefs. The God that Christianity describes exists and is truly so powerful PURELY BECAUSE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE BELIEVE IN IT. The first Christians manifested the entity they called Christ and invested their powers of creation in it. By believing that Christ is the creator and master of all things in his or her life, a person is essentially transferring their powers of creation to this entity. God is the creator of THEIR world because they believe it is so…but ONLY because they believe it is so. It does not have to be this way. This is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is that we are all the creators of the earth and everything on it. Nothing has the power to exist in the physical world until enough creative energy produced by human thought brings it into creation.

Everyone knows that you have the power to choose what you believe, regardless of how rich or poor you are, how smart or dumb you are, what culture you are from, or how much opportunity you have to traditionally achieve, EACH HUMAN WAS BORN WITH THE POWER OF BELIEF AND THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHERE TO DIRECT IT. It is the one and only concept that unites every human being on the planet, regardless of their genetic or cultural differences. Examine this concept: NO ONE….regardless of how smart they are, rich they are, talented they are, dangerous they are, or strong they are…NO ONE has the power to make you believe what you are not willing to. Doesn’t that tell you something? That is the one power that absolutely no one else can bestow or take away from each individual human being. Every single human being on earth has been born with it and died with it since man’s first step on earth and I challenge anyone to provide an example of when a human being’s belief in something was not consciously given. Break free of those who would tell you what to believe and wield the power over creation that is your birthright. Use it to create a life that is worthy of your dreams.

– Michael Verdun

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