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Spiritual Nomad

The understanding of my nature is granted to you through expression via the written word. The expansion of my awareness is my life’s greatest ambition. Passion for the profound and dissatisfaction with anything less is what motivates me…even when every fibre of my being wants to lie down. I believe that my spirit existed before I had a body…because even at my weakest moments, the strength of its essence never dims. It lends my body strength when the word “endurance” no longer explains why I’ve greatly surpassed realistic physical limits. It is at these times that I’m most aware that the path I am to walk is a spiritual journey…one that is destined to wind through the farthest limits of what I have ever imagined is possible and well beyond. In light of this awareness, any other path has always been as appealing as walking the entire way barefoot on broken glass.

~ Michael Verdun

About Michael Verdun

My soul is extraterrestrial. My body is French/Native American/African. My mind is North American. My philosophy is a blend of Ancient Greek/New Age/Ancient Chinese. My religion is Non-Judgment. My style and cultural heritage is African-American. My martial art is Chinese. My diet is Earth organic. My closest friends are individually Pakistani, Australian, African-American, Chinese, Moroccan, Iranian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Lebanese, and Indonesian...respectively. My purpose is to love, to inspire, to empower, and to evolve. I am human. ...and so are you.


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