If the person that you love is unwilling to appreciate who you are and everything you do for them, and you’ve given them a clear understanding of what you need and ample opportunity to give it to you, then they have proven themselves to be unworthy of you. They have proven that they care far more about themselves than they care about you. You deserve to be with someone who will happily give you all of the love and appreciation that you’ve given to them. Regardless of how hard it may be to walk away from someone who has incredible potential, yet doesn’t care enough to give you what you have worked hard to deserve from them, you must respect yourself enough to walk away.

There are millions of people out there who are praying for someone who is as loving and giving as you are, and aching with loneliness because they haven’t found you yet. And while your heart is saying yes to this person who is unworthy of you, it is saying no to everyone else. Have faith in your value to others. Know that you are worthy of everything that you willingly give. Walk away…and believe.

– Michael Verdun

2 thoughts on “Walk Away…and Believe

  1. We always want someone to treat us the way we would like to be treated, but what is that really saying? Since when do we have the right and since when has this become an eternal truth? It hasn’t. Why may you ask? Simple. Not everbody has the same expectations as you do. Some view love as very different things, an old partner once stated that because he wouldn’t speak to females it thus meant his love was proven; yet when asking a simple question, passive aggressiveness words would flow and would overwhelm him but this is just one example of many situations and to a certain extremity. In this sense, how can we say that we should expect the same love and a appreciation when his idea of love and respect completely differed, and how specific do we really have to be? Perhaps ones ignorance is to the extent of not being consciously aware to these things. who knows really, i rant too much anyway so im sorry if i dont make sense, i make sense to myself and if you need clarification im more than happy to elaborate.

    Perhaps we make too many assumptions?.. in the sense that we assume the other intentionally disregarded our perspectives, values and specific requests. Somone I was with tried, I mean really tried, but jhis sexist perceptions and convictions where too grounded. Examples such as this discredit the other person. We shouldn’t always rest on the presumption that the other person never attempted to fulfill those needs you requested, sometimes, the attempt has far greater effect than the necessary outcome and sometimes the root of ‘causation’ was not just them, do not release yourself of blame so quickly because even then, perhaps we should have known better, perhaps deep down inside even though the potential was there, this problem and situation occured as a self infliction to a degree.

    Many..not so many.. i actually have no clue nor any statistical factsto back it up… but for the purpoes of this discussion between myself and i.. lets assume the person upheld a strong moral fibre throughout the relationship, he/she should never assume your conduct has been in vain, the patience held throughout the relationship was exacty that, patience; not weakness, nor submissiveness which dramatically differs in the sense of depriving yourself from active choice in the matter.

    One musn’t ever exhaust suffering intentionally upon another, its important to not taint the other’s persona, especially through the eyes of others it will only retract the good you have done and it will not hurt anyone else but you. yes perhaps you may not feel wanted, or loved, or cared about, but this does not necessarily mean that the other partner doesn’t care either nor does it give you the right to be spiteful, immature and childish.
    People today refuse to admit the extent of their ignorance, however it is one i would gladly admit too. We speak words and express certain emotions and at times we believe our problems have extinguished, but has is it really? Have they actually grasped the concept of what you have attempted to do. I always kept my cool, never used passive aggressive nature to enforce my beliefs on anyone, however, it is because of those beliefs and the strong convictions thats separate me from my partner. Some say best results with people that are just like you, some with your opposite, its all heresay anyways.

    Don’t allow your emotions to get the better of you; when you hear your friends typical biased advices, remember, the choice was actively taken, you yourself were aware of the risks and consequences and perhaps even surfaced preconceived ideas of predlictability. Stand your ground, don’t ask for too much advice, instead, ask yourself and you will know what you want and should feel security that you made the correct decision. People are always confused in circumstances such as these and some are even constantly seeking approval, why you may ask? who knows, codependency, insecurity, self doubt.. the list goes on.


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