Shine On

Shine on…

When you’re shining at your very best, you appear “perfect” to people who don’t understand the source of your greatness. People who are loving spirits will be inspired and enjoy basking in the light that you give off, while those who are insecure spirits will find your greatness deeply offensive. They will be intimidated by you, feel burned by your light, and resent everything that you represent. They are desperate for the respect and admiration that you naturally inspire, yet they don’t know how know to inspire it on their own. Your presence is a shining example of who and what they’re not in their own eyes, and in the eyes of everyone who shows you more respect and appreciation than is shown to them. You’re like a beautiful rose in full bloom, growing right next to them in the garden, casting a long shadow and soaking up the sunlight that they so desperately crave. They KNOW that they don’t measure up to you, and everyone else knows it as well. Their only choices are either to compete with you or to tear you down in the eyes of everyone else.

To those who are too insecure to appreciate you, their first response to the “problem” that you represent will be to compete with you. And if they’re unable to compete, they will eventually resort to trying to tear you down. They will be desperate to convince others to think less of you so that you’ll receive less of their respect and admiration. They will draw attention to every mistake you make, to every imperfection you have, and rejoice every time you fall in status. Why? Because they need to believe that you are not as great as you appear to be…that you are not so much greater than them since they are comparing themselves to you. It’s even worse when OTHER people are comparing them to you. To a person who is not very evolved, their only option is to convince themselves and everyone else that you are a fraud and unworthy of the respect and admiration that you inspire. They cannot bear to accept that you are truly someone who is worthy of more respect and admiration than they are.

The irony in all of this is that the only way to inspire true respect and admiration is if you aren’t working for it. This is the paradox of inspiring others. If you work for respect and admiration for the sake of itself, people will eventually see through it and respect you even less than if you hadn’t tried in the first place. We all eventually identify WHY a person does what they do as we get to know them. And if you are great at doing something, it’s because it’s a reflection of who you are. It is a way of BEING, not a way of doing, though the doing is all that people tangibly see. We all want to be respected and admired. Everyone wants to be appreciated for who they truly are. But the only way to truly inspire the respect and admiration of others, and keep it, is to DO what you are. So don’t focus on the words of people who don’t have the courage to be true to themselves. They won’t understand why you shine the way that you do until they develop that courage within themselves and act upon it. The people who understand this are few and far between. And as long as you’re living in a world in which the vast majority of people live in fear of not being enough, you will continue to experience people trying to tear you down until they, too, are forced to accept the reality that you are truly worthy of what you inspire in others.

Until then, you must endure. You must BE. Shine on, great spirit. Shine on.

– Michael Verdun

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