At this moment, as I am thinking about all of the challenges to progress that the world faces as a whole, as well as the challenges to progress that we all face individually, what gets in the way of things turning around quickly all comes down to one source. Progressive steps are not made, from the individual to all of humanity, because of the fear of being negatively judged and the consequences that would result from it. We fear the negative reactions and responses of our fellow human beings…we fear the critical judgment and emotional consequence that will quickly follow. Defensiveness, retaliation, resistance to change…it all comes from the fear of being judged.

Any ideology that promotes judgment prevents progress that would otherwise occur within an individual, a society, or humanity as a whole. Whether it’s a legal system, a religious system, a value system, an educational system, etc…it doesn’t matter. If it enforces negative consequences in response to a human being’s natural response to an unmet need, to stress, to fear, or to scarcity, then human beings will never feel safe in a world in which that system is upheld. I don’t know what the alternative is at this point. I a merely sharing an observation. I believe that the first step towards progressive change is awareness. If I’ve truly stumbled across the first step on this particular path of planetary progress, then I’m grateful. One less step needed in the direction I want to go.

By: Michael Verdun

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