[Inspired by the love I left behind in September of 2004, four days into my first deployment to Iraq as an Active Duty U.S. Marine]

As far as I’ve come
to this far off land
From the world of concrete jungles
to this world of sun and sand

In preparation of this mission
my mind and body I’ve enhanced
To strengthen minds and boost morale
when it’s time to take my stance

No leader born, but one that’s trained
for other Marines I am a rock
Since day one with my command
I’ve been dependable as a clock

But it’s well known among the wise
that though Marines need strength and will
A single battle won’t be won
without their hearts brought to the field

My fellow Marines are glad I’ve come
They say they’re honored to stand with me
So I’ll go ahead and do my part
And hide the weakness they can’t see

When I was asked before I left
if I had everything I need
I lied when I said I did
I didn’t bring my heart with me

You’ve had it since we were together
since that late night at the park
Where we found comfort in each other
and talked til it was well past dark

Even after fear tore us apart
and I lost you to other men
You wondered why I stood by you
when I couldn’t trust you as a friend

It’s because I gave my heart to you
to build your trust in me
That without a heart I go to war
to keep my country free

By: Michael Verdun

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