There are ways to cure cancer, viral infections, spinal injuries, brain disorders, heal “permanent” disabilities, etc. Everyone has heard of the countless documented cases of people finding ways to fully and completely recover from illnesses and injuries that, according to modern medicine, were expected to kill them. Since these ways are REAL and proven to be effective, people who are killed by disease don’t really die of illness…they die of ignorance (being uninformed).

By: Michael Verdun

2 thoughts on “An Epidemic of the Uninformed

  1. I love hearing or reading about your story. It’s so raw and real. When someone who has been through your experiences, overcomes these obstacles that life throws at them, and becomes successful and is extremely intellectual (though statistically, it’s highly unlikely!)… Your life story is moving. It will bring strength & courage to people who need it. Bravo, Michael.


    1. Lovely, I hope you’re aware that, without the acknowledgment and feedback like yours and from others, what I’ve experienced and achieved literally has no value. My life was only difficult and negative until the perspectives, appreciation, and acknowledgments of others gave it worth and value. Thank you for being so generous with your praise and support. I hope you now understand that what I create literally would not have come into existence without it.


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