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Brilliant Cake

I’m just quietly appreciating your exceptional mind. Your beauty is the icing…your brilliance is the cake. – M.J. Verdun  

  • A man does not...no, cannot say, "This woman is worthy of love, and therefore I will love her with all my heart." A man either loves a woman passionately or he does not. It is that simple. He has no say in the matter, and neither does she. Relationship titles, wedding rings, and wishes to feel that way hold no sway over the decision of the heart. I think that the same must go for women. Honor and obey the truth in your heart and you will eventually find a true match. If you ignore your heart's truth and marry or have children for the sake of security, familiarity, comfort, aging, family pressure, religious doctrine, or to alleviate loneliness, you will still find your true match down the line. But instead of that life-altering moment bringing you joy, the singing of your heart will turn into despair when the present circumstances of your romantic life...circumstances brought about by your previous betrayal of your heart's truth, prevents your ability to be with the person that you know within your soul is meant for you. Be true to your heart. Be honest with yourself when you know that a person is not truly for you. Exercise patience when it comes to meeting a true match. Have faith in their existence. Yet, don't just wait for them. Work diligently on developing the greatness of your inner character so that, when you meet them, you will feel worthy and ready for the love that they will be inspired to give only to you. - Michael Verdun