I Am Not A Monster

I wish you could see me for who I am...a man who strives to conduct himself with honor, integrity, and respect with every choice that he makes. I wish you could perceive my heart and the principles that guide my every decision instead of the color of my skin and the history of what other men who look like me have done to exploit your trust and vulnerability...

Walk Away…and Believe

If the person that you love is unwilling to appreciate who you are and everything you do for them, and you've given them a clear understanding of what you need and ample opportunity to give it to you, then they have proven themselves to be unworthy of you. They have proven that they care far … Continue reading Walk Away…and Believe

Shine On

Shine on... When you’re shining at your very best, you appear “perfect” to people who don’t understand the source of your greatness. People who are loving spirits will be inspired and enjoy basking in the light that you give off, while those who are insecure spirits will find your greatness deeply offensive. They will be … Continue reading Shine On

Honor and Creation

Honor is the the way of human intention becoming human creation...the link between them and the structure of their interaction. If I don't honor my intention of creating something by following through with the idea, it doesn't get created. It remains merely an idea in my head. If I don't honor my word, what would … Continue reading Honor and Creation


Deciding that a person who wronged you is unworthy of your forgiveness may seem like an act of appropriate justice, and a reasonable one at that, but the person who suffers the most in the end is you. What actually results from a refusal to forgive is an automatic self-appointment as their judge and the disempowering … Continue reading Forgiveness

A Mind Without Judgment Inspires a Spirit of Unconditional Love

What I'm describing throughout this explanation is a profoundly different perspective from which to view the world; the paradigm of awareness/alignment vs. the paradigm of judgment. I believe that, if adopted the world over, it will eliminate all division between cultures, end all wars driven by ideological differences, end all negativity within social relationships, inspire … Continue reading A Mind Without Judgment Inspires a Spirit of Unconditional Love


How could you so easily fit into the missing spaces of my personality...so easily massaging the ghost limbs that have long since been cut away? And just like an amputee, I often get misty sensations from nerve endings that are no longer wired up to the ole network. You are the great brown hope, with … Continue reading Untitled

Dream Girl

Poems have been written, wars have been waged, songs have been sung, and coups have been staged…all inspired by the passionate love for a woman.  It’s hard for me to imagine living in a world in which the only way to communicate with the person I love is face to face or through a hand written … Continue reading Dream Girl

A Daydream of Her

The woman I dream of is the cornerstone of the foundation of life as I will live it. As far as I am aware, a woman being the cornerstone was never up to me. It wasn't a choice I consciously made. It's a reality that I merely became aware of years ago. I have craved … Continue reading A Daydream of Her


Altering another person's perspective is very difficult when it is attached to their deeply held values or beliefs. While most intelligent people are aware of this reality, very few of them understand WHY it's so difficult.  It's generally viewed as a fact as elementary as the sky being blue. Yet, continuing with this analogy, most … Continue reading Perspective…

You Are Worthy. You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough.

To All of My Australian Female Friends, I haven't been on Facebook for a good 4 months, and I won't be active for quite a while longer. I'm only writing this post now after becoming aware of a terrifying trend that my close friends have made me aware of recently...a trend that I've observed after … Continue reading You Are Worthy. You Are Beautiful. You Are Enough.

Protect Your Flame

Walk away from damaged people who are not conscious of the way that they influence the world around them. You do not have the power to save them, however noble your intentions may be. In your haste to end their suffering, there is a truth you often forget; only they can do the internal work … Continue reading Protect Your Flame

You and My

My soul is extraterrestrial. My body is French/Native American/African. My mind is North American. My philosophy is a blend of Ancient Greek/New Age/Ancient Chinese. My religion is Non-Judgment. My style and cultural heritage is African-American. My martial art is Chinese. My diet is Earth organic. My closest friends are individually Pakistani, Australian, African-American, Chinese, Moroccan, … Continue reading You and My